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Rmfi Account Agreement

If you join RBC Investment Advantage, your money will be invested in Series F investment funds, which are paid investment funds. Each fund in the RBC Investment Advantage account pays its own operating costs. There are no sales or trailing commissions to pay for F and FT5 series funds that can be held in your account. There are no fees or expenses to be paid by you as part of your RBC Investment Advantage account that would duplicate all fees or expenses paid by the funds. Your account fee rate includes advice, access and service for Series F investment funds and is based on a staggered scale that gives you a lower royalty rate if you have a higher balance in your RBC Investment Advantage account. 19) The interest rate is an annual interest rate and a simple calculation of interest. Interest is calculated daily on the financial statement account. Deposit interest is deposited monthly on the second business day of the following calendar month on the account dated the previous business day. 58) RBC Rewards additional points are awarded per dollar spent only at participating Canadian sites for qualifying rents, up to a maximum of 500 additional points per rent, based solely on net time and mileage charges. Additional points are awarded by Thrifty Car Rental (”Thrifty”) and complement the standard RBC Rewards points you earn for every dollar you earn if you pay with your legitimate RBC Royal Bank credit card, and appear 4-6 weeks after the lease ends on your credit card statement, provided your credit card account was in good condition at the time of travel.

Additional points are not awarded on taxes, surcharges, optional items such as loss abandonment and fuel and cannot be earned on tour or free rental. The hotel, loyalty program, frequent flyer miles or points cannot be combined with this offer. Blue chip rewards are not available with this offer. All conditions and restrictions applicable to this program are defined by Thrifty and apply to all rents and other services offered or offered by Thrifty. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. Thrifty, not the Royal Bank of Canada, is responsible for the Thrifty Car Rental program.

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