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What Is An Industrial Agreement And Explain What Your Responsibilities Are Under It

Any reference in the Fair Work Act to an enterprise agreement concerning an employee relates to the agreement that covers the employee with respect to a particular job – the work that the employee performs under the terms of the enterprise agreement. McDonalds is an interesting example of what can be done. In the McDonald`s case (2010), McDonald`s held meetings with staff to explain the new agreement, using a large number of meeting places to encourage participation, including the rental of movie theaters. The union, in agreement with McDonald`s, prepared summaries of the agreement that outlined the differences between the terms of the contract and the current terms. Staff were allowed to do certification work or access electronic versions and copies on warning signs. Other meetings were organized by the union, during which explanations were given and questions were asked. Staff were also able to contact each state`s human resources department for clarification. The FWC decided that these were appropriate measures to ensure that the declaration was given appropriately, taking into account the needs of workers, including young people. In the federal system, there are three types of labour agreements: there are no workers who vote on a Greenfields agreement.

This type of agreement must be signed by each employer and any relevant workers` organization it covers. Once the negotiations are over and a draft enterprise agreement is completed, it must be voted on by the workers covered by the agreement. A registered agreement sets out the conditions of employment between a worker or a group of workers and one or more employers. The three types of employment contracts that can be entered into are listed below: a contract of enterprise confers rights and obligations on a person only if it applies to that person. [3] Federal employment contract laws were amended on January 1, 2010. Before approving an enterprise agreement, the Fair Work Commission must ensure that approval of the agreement would not jeopardize the negotiations of one or more negotiators on a proposed enterprise agreement.

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