Dec 09

Form No. 5-A Of Agreement Hba-12

Children`s Education Allowance – Application Application Application Form Tier II NPS Account Withdrawal – Form UOS-S12 GPF / CPF Form 3 A – Pro for forma for Pre-Advance Sanctions Fund Providents Application Form for Animal Activation II (already an NPS account for subscribers) GPF / CPF Forma Conversion Request a final APAR withdrawal advance for form 24 officers of India [see Rule 32] Form of service delivery review certificate for annual declaration of real estate and property restitution rights and property rights Privacy Declaration form in accordance with RULE 18 (4) for stock transactions, investment funds , Securities and Bonds – Form of Rule 18(4) . . Reservation for people with disabilities in central government – Revised Forms FORM 23 [See Rule 38 (3)] form of medical certificate . GPF / CPF Form 5-A – Penalty order for the final revocation of GPF / CPF / CPF . General Pool-TYPE Acceptance Request – 4S – ABOVE and HOSTEL FORM 12 [See Rule 77 (2)] Request for death compensation for the death of a government official . Request for sanction with Motorcycle / Motor Car Advance FORM 18 [See Rules 78 (1), 80 (1), 80 (3),80 (5), 80-B (1) and 80-B)] for the assessment and authorization of the payment of the family pension and death benefit when a bailiff dies during service I . . FORM 5 [See Rules 59 (I) (c) – 61(1)] [See also Rules 5 (2),12,13 (3.14 (I) and 15 (3) central Civil Services (Commutation of Pension) Rules. 1981] Letter of application for subscriber administration (PAO in two copies) . Government decisions regarding the implementation of the sixth SALARY commission FORM 14 [See Rules 77 (3) and 81 (2) Request for a family pension in the event of the death of a pensioner/retired family member of the state. CHECK LIST MODIFIED FOR THE RESULT OF MEDICAL CLAIMS FORME 19 (See Rule 81) Form of the letter addressed to the accountant, who forwards the documents of the granting of the pension and death to the family of a public servant who dies during the service FORME 20 [See Rule 81(2)] of the letter that sanctiones the family pension to a member (except the spouse).

Clarification by the government about the AKP/Promotion after the 1.1.2006 Functional-based accommodation allocation to APAR dignitary staff for the Group A air quality control service in the defence department of Pension OM No. 1/19/2013-P-PW (E) of 20.02.2014 APAR Group B non-gazetted and Group C categories (technical, scientific, drawing, store and other executives) Request for ad hoc allocation on medical reasons GPF / CPF residual payment application form on the pension fund account in case of death of a subscriber . . GPF / CPF Form 1 – form to be used by the office director for final payment/transfer of credits in general/ Contributing accounts to stand-alone entities /other GPF governments / CPF Form 3 – advance application form of the General Fund provident fund / Contributory Provident. Pension/pension and salary assessment form [to be sent to OAP six months before retirement date] Application for registration (automatic) and allocation of permanent pension account number (PRAN) – Form Appendix-S1 FORM FORM FORM-S1 FORM 7 CHECK FOR LIST FOR TIMELY PROCESSING RETIREMENT DUMENT DUES FORM 10 [See Rule 77(2)] letter addressed to the candidate of a deceased government official, if there is a valid appointment for the award of death format of the compassionate appointment application. Request for residual payment in the account GPF All India and Home Town LTC – Leave Encashment Form .

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