Dec 07

Diagnostic Services Agreement

The hospital found that the correct, orderly and effective provision of high-quality professional radiological services to its patients and physicians, served by the institutions` radiology department (the ”department”), is the best way to reach an exclusive coverage agreement with the contractor for the delivery of these services. H. Planning and service requirements. The Medical Director, in coordination with hospital physicians, treating physicians and other physicians involved, develops a schedule in accordance with this agreement to ensure the rapid and predictable availability of professional services provided by the service and must meet certain minimum standards for the delivery of services in a timely manner. Minimum standards and requirements for planning and providing professional services are set out in The Joint Schedule B. 2.10 Use of Premises. The contractor may not induce anyone who works with the contractor, or who is otherwise related to the contractor, to use part of the service or facilities for purposes other than the provision of services under this agreement or as part of an agreement with a hospital-related facility. Notwithstanding the above, the hospital recognizes that the contractor also provides services to other facilities in the region and that the effective provision of hospital services under this regulation will require the contracter`s radiologists who sign reports and/or offer one-on-one consultations on hospitalized patients while they are physically in another place of hospitalization. As a result, the contractor may, to a similar or greater extent, conduct individual consultations or reports on the notification of patients from other facilities in the service or institutions, on a part-time professional basis, taking into account the reciprocal rights of the contractor in other facilities, to a similar or greater extent, to enable the effective delivery of radiological services to the hospital.

Without restricting the universality of the above rates, the contractor cannot use or participate in conduct that could compromise the hospital`s tax exemption, licensing, accreditation, Medicare or Medicaid participation agreements, accident insurance, access to financing or exempt hospital funding status. CONSIDERING that the hospital instructs the contractor to provide certain professional medical and administrative services, as defined in this agreement and specifically described in sections 2.3 and 2.4 (the ”services”), for patients and physicians who are served by the service.

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