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Amazon Pay Billing Agreement

Buyers can update their payment method if the billing agreement is in the ”Open” or ”Blocked” status in the ”Account Activities” section of the Amazon Pay site. When the buyer updates the payment method, you will receive an Instant Payment Notification (IPN). For more information about IPNs, click Sync your systems with Amazon Pay. All of the following permissions are processed with the updated payment method. The payment method for older authorizations is not updated. You will receive an instant payment notification indicating the updated payment method and the buyer will receive an updated email with merchant agreement. If a billing agreement cannot be confirmed, it has restrictions. If you`re using an order control page, go to GetBillingAgreementDetails before making the command check page to look for restrictions. When a buyer authenticates on Amazon Pay as shown in Step 1: Add a button widget for buyer authentication, or if you make the ”address” or ”wallet” widget without indicating the billing agreement ID, Amazon Pay creates a default system item called a billing agreement.

This item stores all payment-related attributes that the buyer will make with Amazon Pay. You cannot change the billing agreement after it has been confirmed. However, the buyer can continue to update the delivery address and payment method that are attached to the billing agreement. Call ConfirmBillingAgrement if the billing agreement is free of any restrictions and indicate that all necessary information has been specified in the billing agreement. Once the confirmation call has been completed, the billing agreement changes to ”Open” status. When the settlement agreement is concluded, the buyer will receive a dealer agreement which will be cancelled by email. Note: Do not display the ”Allow Recurring Payments” widget if the buyer changes the payment method. The buyer is not obliged to confirm the consent if he changes his selection.

Buyers can change the billing agreement on the Amazon Pay website. If your customer confirms with these code changes that their Amazon payment information will be used for the subscription, the Amazon Billing Agreement (id) ID will be returned and can then be used with Recurly`s subscription API as account billing information. Recurly.js is not necessary to integrate Amazon Pay into your Recurly account. After defining these attributes by accessing SetBillingAgreementDetails, you must confirm the purchase in Amazon Pay by accessing the ConfirmBillingAgrement operation. After confirming the billing agreement, Amazon Pay informs the buyer that you have authorized a payment method for this billing agreement. You must confirm the billing agreement before processing the payment for the order. If a buyer asks to update or downgrade their subscription or service plan, you should in future charge the buyer another amount for the upgrade or demotion. If the buyer contacts you during the billing cycle, you can place the fee at the end of the billing period. If a buyer wishes to update the payment method associated with their billing agreement because of the refusal of the previous payment method or for some other reason, they may update the payment method from the Amazon Pay website or from your website. The billing agreement gives you the flexibility to deal with this scenario. Once you have updated your billing system with the required information, you can simply initiate a request to calculate a charge to the buyer by calling the capture process for the corresponding amount.

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