Dec 20

Vri Rental Agreement

Q. How far is the airport station? We are less than 10 miles from Ft. Lauderdale Airport. It`s about a 20-minute drive.Q. Does the station offer a shuttle service? For cheap transportation to and from the airport or cruise port, go to Airport Shuttle Fort Lauderdale at (954) -568-6011 or call quick-Safe Shuttle at (954) 234-7856. Take your shuttle in advance to save time and money. The average taxi fare to and from the airport is 25-30 USD. The shuttle fare for 1 or 2 people is $23 and $8 per person for 3 or more people. Q.

Do you have a cleaning service? Fresh towels and garbage collection are provided on the 3rd day of your stay. All dwellings are thoroughly cleaned before check-in and the sheets are changed. The cleaning service can be provided for an additional fee.Q. Is there a cleaning fee? Cleaning fees are automatically charged for booking RCI points for less than 7 nights. There is also a cleaning charge if you request a cleaning service or if the accommodation is too dirty.Q. Is there any additional charges to be paid before booking our reservation? There is an 11% tax on accommodation. There is also a mandatory fee of $2 per day for a safe for all customers.Q. What is Owner`s Corner and how can I access it? Owner`s Corner is a website for the owners of Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. In the owner`s corner, owners can post in the owner`s forum. Owners can submit your unit for sale or rental.

You can post the owner`s comments. Owners can view and download forms such as minutes of board meetings and the VRI lease form. To access Owner`s Corner, click on the Owner`s Corner link and follow the instructions on the screen. Q. How can I post my unit for sale? Connect to Owner`s Corner and place your unit for sale in the owners` forum. Important: Any owner who wishes to sell, please note the timeshare fraud in which a company calls you to tell you that they have a buyer for your unit or that they guarantee the sale of your unit. They ask you to pay a tax to process the sale. This is a fraud. do not provide your credit card or bank account information. Effective information management is the key to successful real estate management.

VRI strives to be the leader in the development of holiday property management services. Our proprietary software, System 9900, provides immediate access to important accounting information and provides a superior management tool for a national reservation and rental system, all office tasks, night audit functions and comprehensive back-office operations such as Z.B. City notebook, creditors and main booklet, in addition to the easy processing of accounting, booking and station management functions.

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