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Seasonal Agreement

When an employee is regularly hired to work for a season, such as farm help. B during the harvest season, the employee in question is a regular seasonal employee. Whether you are the manager or the employee, it is important to make a good impression once the seasonal work is done. These tips can help you finish the season high and maintain your relationship. Region where seasonal labour is becoming scarce – number of workers needed – Description of available jobs and tasks – When and for how long each position is available For example: an employer offers a worker a seasonal contract for a period of 4 months from May 1. The contract is due to expire on August 31. At the end of the contract, the employer renews the contract for an additional 2 months. On October 31, the employer renewed the contract for a further two months. CONSIDERING that the agreement on the purely seasonal relationship of employment, when THE ENTREPRISES; The seasonal contract automatically expires on the end date or when the goal for which it was concluded is achieved. Over a period of 12 consecutive months, a seasonal contract may not be concluded for more than 10 months, including extensions.

The season can be proven by various documentations such as sales from the previous year, orders, requests, workload, transactions, etc. The objective is to enable the employer to demonstrate that the recruitment of seasonal workers was justified by the increase in the work and/or requirements of the company. When or how the employment contract ends – Why the employee is hired for the seasons – Wages and hours – Holiday rates – Sick leave, vacation and bereavement – Health and safety requirements – Rest and meal breaks At this time of year, employers often ask me about their recruitment practices for seasonal workers. These seasonal people pose real challenges when it comes to the hiring process, especially the contracts they have to sign, and can be a real responsibility when it comes to ending the relationship. 1) the worker must provide seasonal work or services; And even though the seasonal employment contract has already been renewed twice, the employer is not required to respect the waiting time. On December 31, the employer proposed to renew the contract for an additional two months. If the contract expires at the end of February, the employer will no longer be able to extend the seasonal contract in March and April, as it has already been extended for a total of 10 months, from May 1 to April 30 of the following year. A seasonal worker is a worker who has been assigned to work for a season, as defined in the labour code. (Article 295, Labour Code; c. Section 5, Rule I, Book VII, omnibus and Labour Code Regulations) A seasonal contract is not intended to cover a periodic increase in a company`s normal activities, but to cover certain tasks that are not performed during the rest of the year.

One of these undesirable results is the tendency of employers to hire the same people year after year. Although these seasonal workers are subjected to unpaid redundancy (or other interruption of active service) each year, they return to work regularly each year and there is no doubt that their employment increases where it left off. Some seasonal contracts end on a fixed date, others require you to terminate the employment relationship. If this is the case, be sure to inform your employees (usually two weeks) that their contract is expiring.

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