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Oregon Landlord Tenant Law Rental Agreement

Other bail laws: A landlord must provide a receipt to a tenant for each security deposit paid by the tenant. (Or Rev. Stat. Inadequate means: A lessor who receives a dishonourable cheque may charge a fee of up to $35 plus the amount charged by a bank to the lessor for the processing of the cheque. (Or Rev. Stat. Evictions: Oregon landlords must submit a notice of dismissal or dismissal to their tenants and compete for the corresponding administrative resignation deadlines before proceeding with dismissal and eviction for the following reasons (or Rev. Stat.. . Tenants are responsible for rent for the remainder of the rent, if they decide to evacuate. However, landlords should try to find an acceptable tenant [based on their normal tenant screening requirements] to mitigate the damage. (Or Rev.

Stat. Copy of the rental agreement: A landlord must make available to the tenant a copy of a written tenancy agreement as well as all modifications and supplements. (Or Rev. Stat. Floods: If a dwelling unit is in a 100-year flood zone, the landlord must state in the rental agreement of the dwelling unit that the dwelling unit is within the flood zone. (Or Rev. Stat. Maximum amount of bail: no state law. Landlords must not pay or increase a security deposit in the first year of tenancy unless landlords and tenants agree to amend the lease to allow for a pet or other reason.

(Or Rev. Stat. Maximum fee: Cities and counties should not set limits on rental fees that landlords may collect. (Or Rev. Stat. Rent retention: a tenant may withhold rent because he or she does not provide essential services (water, heat, etc.). (Or Rev. Stat. Legal use of the deposit: landlords are able to withhold money from the unpaid rent deposit or repair damage to the premises by the tenant, with the exception of normal wear and tear. A lessor is not required to repair the damage prior to the withholding of repair costs, but all labour costs assessed by the owner must be based on a reasonable hourly rate. The owner can calculate a reasonable hourly rate for his own cleaning or repair work. Owners can deduct money losses due to the inability to rent the unit during repair or cleaning, as long as repairs are done on time.

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