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Convertible Note Exchange Agreement

b) No conflict. The execution, supply and execution by the company of this agreement and the exchange note and the emulating of the transactions envisaged by the entity are not in contradiction with a provision of the certificate or the statutes of the company or its subsidiary, Statutes or other documents of organization or charter or (ii) in conflict with or constitute a delay (or a late event of a termination or cancellation of time, or both) result in the creation of a lien or charge on one of the real estate or assets of the company or subsidiary or give other rights to terminate, change, accelerate or cancel (with or without notice). , delay or both) of an agreement, a material agreement, a credit facility, a debt or other material instrument (which concerns a subsidiary company or debt or otherwise) or any other material understanding in which the company or subsidiary is involved or in which a property or asset of the company or subsidiary is linked or affected; or (iii) to laws, rules, regulations, orders, judgments, orders, orders, orders or other restrictions of a court or government authority subject to the company or subsidiary (including federal and regional securities laws and rules) or to which the ownership or assets of the company or subsidiary are bound or affected, in conflict or in violation; except in the case of any clause (ii) and (iii) that would not have had or would not have had a significant negative impact on the entity or its financial activities. ”basic shares”: common shares to which the bond may be converted (including interest, commissions, liquidated damages and/or common payments in common shares, depending on the conditions stated). 2 This convertible note exchange agreement (the ”agreement”) will take place on March 17, 2017 (effective date) of and between Wave Sync Corp., a Delaware company (the ”company”), and Zaixian Wang and Mei Yang, each of which currently has convertible bonds (”Convertible Notes”) of the company, was closed on Schedule A (a ”note holder” and a collective epithenese note). The bondholders and the company are referred to collectively as the ”parties” and individually the ”parties.” When it comes to using convertible bonds as a seed investment, I can better understand all the effects of the different potential results. Make sure you know what`s going on if you can`t find additional equity at the end, and also what happens when things go spectacularly well and that you`re able to increase the extra equity well beyond the valuation ceiling (if the part of the score is). This AGREEMENT EXCHANGE (the ”agreement”) of August 26, 2016 is concluded by and between Virtual Piggy, Inc., a Delaware company (the ”Company”) and the signed holders (the ”carriers” and each of the ”carriers”) of these determined unsecured debt securities issued by the company in the amended version (the ”unsecured notes”). In short, convertible bonds are originally structured as bonds, but they have a provision that allows the capital plus accrued interest to later turn into equity. This allows the initial investment to do more quickly with lower legal fees for the company at that time, but ultimately gives investors the economic commitment of a stake. Now that we have discussed the typical concepts and structure of a convertible loan, we will now look at some of the reasons why companies use it as a means of raising investment funds, as well as some of the drawbacks.

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